Tika’s Triumphs and Trips

{December 23, 2006}   December 23rd ….humphhhhh

2 days before Christmas and definitely not in the Christmas spirit.

Had to go out last night and do last minute shopping …. NEVER AGAIN!!!! Ok wait why do I say that because I know next year I will do the same thing. And you just never seem to have enough money to do what you need to do and what you want to do. So you have to prioritize and that sucks!!!! Didnt think I was ever going to find an ipod shuffle for Destinee but I did finally!!!!! And now mommy gets the job of getting music ripped from cd’s and put onto the ipod .. how fun .. yaaaay for me ….. NOT!!!!!!!

Took hubby to the Emergency Room this morning … he is officially off work and instructed to lay and not move. He has really done a number on his back this go round. Hopefully his boss has workers compensation and we can get some kind of something from that.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I really hope i can just sit and do nothing at all …. dont see that happening tho!!!


{December 21, 2006}   Blogging??

So i have heard over and over again .. “get a blog” “write about it in a blog” “blog you will feel better” sooo I thought what the heck!! What do I have to lose right? What harm could come?

Not sure what I am going to blog about but lets give a go and see what happens.

How bout a lil bit about me.

I am 35 .. soon to be 36 on Sunday Christmas Eve….not a bad age .. i am not scared yet .. yes a bit closer to 40 but still far enough away I feel safe.

I am the mother to 2 girls. My oldest being 18 and not living at home… thats a whole blog entry in and of itself. The youngest being 15 going on 35. I have not regretted one moment with them. I have learned so much about myself and life along the way.

I have several brothers and sisters. Some I am close to Some I am not.

I met the love of my life online in a chat room in 1997. He says that he knew the very minute that we talked that I was the one for him. Didnt happen that quickly for me. but he moved here in 1998 and we havent looked back. Each day is a struggle and a blessing. I feel we are still getting to know each other…but i wouldnt trade this journey for anything at all in the world.

I work full time at a major outsourcing company and am on a major credit card companies project. I work with  my oldest daughter which has brought us closer together.  I enjoy my job on most days.

I live in the same state where i was born and have lived 99% of my life. Utah. I love it here. Not so sure I am ever going to leave but if my love has his way we will.

I am a reality tv show addict.

I am a music lover. pretty much listen to everything and anything.

I am an avid paint shop pro user and participate in many groups and communities of people with the same hobby.

I am an animal lover. Have 2 dogs .. 2 cats and a frog.

I am a text messaging queen LOL many people laugh because of my age but i would rather text than call ROFL.

and i guess that is me in a nutshell and its about time for me to crash out. So tired tonite.

et cetera